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Easy, Fun and Engaging Measurement Homework

Learning about measurement can be a fun and easy process for students, using the book Measuring Penny by Loreen Leddy.  This blog post will have kids measuring pets, stuffed animals and objects around the house in a variety of ways to create a presentation (printable or digital) that will provide a fun and education project to share with the class.

Easy, Fun and Engaging Measurement Homework ideas for elementary students.

To start your measurement lesson, read the book, Measuring  Penny, by Loreen Leddy to the class.

Measuring Penny book for measurement lesson

Just like the teacher in the book, you could assign your students the homework to measure anything… pet, stuffed animal, or anything around the house.  Students will measure it in as many ways as possible: height, width, length, weight, volume, temperature and time.  The will use standard and non-standard units of measurement.

Students will take photos of object that they measured and create a powerpoint or poster share their project with the class. This is a great family homework assignment!

Here are some pet examples from my classes:

Easy, Fun and Engaging Measurement Homework-comparing measurement with Dixie
Dixie measurement
non standard measurement with Dixie
standard measurement of rat
nonstandard rat measurement
weight of rat

Here are some toy animals examples from my classes:

measuring chinchilla
foof's volume measurement
foof's length and width measurement
nonstandard measurement of foof

Here are some objects examples from my classes:

measuring boots
Easy, Fun and Engaging Measurement Homework

Here is an example of a letter that you may want to send to parents about the assignment. Check out the Google Drive link by clicking on the picture:

measurement homework

Hope your students have fun with this measurement homework!

If you need more measurement resources for you class, check out this bundle. Click on the picture for more info!

measurement task cards

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